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Our 1st ever Chicano Music Festival was held in March 2023 in Logan Heights, San Diego California. THANK YOU to the entire city for showing up! 

We then took CMF to Las Vegas! Check

Our performers included: Tierra The Legacy, Sly, Slick & Wicked, Mr. Shadow, Conejo, Norman Carter of The Delfonics and so much more!


"This feel-good transportation was ever-present this past weekend, when the DJ’s weaved in tunes like Billy Stewart’s "Sitting in the Park," resulting in a subtle singalong throughout the Amp at Craig Ranch Regional Park.Chicano Music Festival prioritized making its event family-friendly, and the all-age efforts created a wholesome environment. It was refreshing to see younger people embracing the cultural traditions their parents passed down." - Gabriela Rodriguez (LAS VEGAS WEEKLY)

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